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Product Submissions

Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a HiveWire 3D Contributing Artist! We are looking to showcase inspiring, creative, high-quality 3D content of all kinds in the HiveWire 3D store and we invite you to submit your best 3D related products.

If you've created something you would like to share with the world via our store, complete and submit the form below. Before uploading your product, please review The Contributing Artist - Guidelines for Submitting ContentWe have also created an Information Kit complete with templates and helper files to assist you.

You can submit any type of content, but  know we consider ourselves a "PG-13" site. We will accept tasteful  nude content, but nothing overly sexually suggestive, abusive, extremely violent or gory. Product images may not show the bare female nipple, genitals, bare groin, bare natal cleft, or anus,of the humanoid figures. Product images that may be considered overly sexual in nature, may be reviewed by the staff of this site as to its appropriateness. Images may not show sexual acts, or violent sexual activity, rape, torture, or acts of physical mutilation or gratuitously violent behavior. Images that contain depictions of children are especially sensitive and will be reviewed even more strictly than other such images. No images will be allowed that are considered personal attacks, or attacks towards a religion.

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